Finest Vehicle Pieces Seller In Saudi Arabia is an advanced on the web shop for vehicle spare sections that's driven by an original auto producing catalog for accurate auto part hunting & buying. This again-close catalog gives current information that goes back on some brands to your 1950’s and over and above. The motive driving establishingMKena goes again on the 1990’s when the founder started off what was an advanced motor vehicle maintenance Centre for its time that provided the ultimate vehicle services to shoppers, and from there the idea of making the finding and acquiring of car sections simpler came into getting, and also the problem of how To achieve this commenced. The founder produced a number of makes an attempt to automate the car spare parts industry in Saudi Arabia by offering unique platforms to connect automobile element companies on one particular network throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s; nevertheless, as a result of hurdles out there; for instance lack of Net connectivity in Saudi Arabia in the early ninety’s, and an immature e-commerce concept, the various platforms invented by the founder had been ahead in their time. In the long run, thanks to every one of these several years of practical experience with Doing work within the car components field, and The expansion of e-commerce in Saudi Arabia, a whole new System was born termed to provide stop prospects and workshops by supplying simplistic ordering mechanisms for vehicle parts. is run via the Sophisticated Vehicle E-commerce Marketing and advertising organization (AAEM) (CR no: 2051224564) and ( VAT amount : 310188508400003 ) , by a group with greater than 20 years’ expertise in the automobile parts, automobile workshop, and seller source chain administration business.

AAEM build as being a Basis platform for additional expert services which will be presented during the near long term to revolutionize the auto parts industry in Saudi Arabia & GCC nations around the world.

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